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SBL Natrum Phosphoricum 3X


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SBL Natrum Phosphoricum 3X :

Natrum Phos is the pH balancer of acid conditions. A lack of proper balance of the alkaline Natrum Phosphate in gastric enzyme activity will allow fermentations and retard (slowdown) digestion. It regulates the Bile production. Natrum Phos helps restore enzyme balance and relieve acidity, heartburn, dyspepsia, gas, distention or bloating, flatulence, etc.

Uses of SBL Natrum Phos

Overcomes a range of acid-related conditions in all ages and stages of life.

Natrum phos has the power to eliminate the excess of sugar from blood.

Intestinal worms, Colic, with symptoms of worms , food allergies.

Morning sickness, motion sickness with sour vomiting is recovered with Natrum Phos.

Fever from acidity of stomach in children.

Diseases of infants, who, having been fed to excess with milk and sugar, grinding of teeth in sleep.

Common symptoms of SBL Natrum Phos

It can relieve sleeplessness due to digestive issues.

The tongue and the tonsils are covered with a creamy yellow coating which shows excess acid.

Any discharge from the nose, throat or eyes have that same creamy-yellow color.

Natrum phos, can help the body find its natural balance of sodium phosphate and acidity.

Backache during menses.

Important indicated symptoms of SBL Natrum Phos

Natrum Phos is a natural Acid Neutraliser.

Jaundice, gall-bladder colic and indigestion from rich or fatty foods.

Acid rising in throat observed in gastric disorders is relieved by Natrum Phos.

Natrum Phos eczema manifests itself at the ankles with intolerable itching.

A deficiency of this salt also results in diabetes which seems to disappear when this salt is given, washing out the excess sugar in the blood as it were.

In babies, Natrum phos is a very natural gentle way to relieve colic, sour vomiting and sour smelling green diarrhea.

Sourness– sour belching, vomiting, sour smelling perspiration; yellowness– yellow mucus, a yellow coating on the back of the tongue, and yellow skin issues

If you suffer from excess uric acid, such as gout, joint pain, arthritis stiffness, swelling. 

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