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SBL Kali Phosphorica 200X


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SBL Kali Phosphorica 200X :

Kali Phos is present in the cells of the brain, nerves, muscles, blood (corpuscles and plasma), and intercellular fluids. A disturbance in the motions of its molecules produces despondency, (low, sad feeling) anxiety, fearfulness, tearfulness, home-sickness, suspiciousness, weak memory. Small and frequent pulse, later retarded. Pains with sensation of paralysis. Weakness of muscles and nerves even to paralysis.

Uses of SBL Kali Phosphorica Biochemic Tablet 6X

If you lack energy, throughout the day and need energy, use Kali Phos.

Retarded Nutrition (slow/improper nutrition), in children causing weakness, dullness.

Helps to restore the nervous system after overwork, Kali phos is believed to be a nerve nutrient.

After shock and sudden blood loss from injuries, kali phos gives best results.

Humming and buzzing in the ears.

Menstrual headaches, Students headache that is relieved by motion is indication of Kali phos.

Common symptoms of SBL Kali Phosphorica Biochemic Tablet 6X

Brain-fag (mental inability to work, or irritated ) from overwork, slightest work seems heavy task, dullness, easily discouraged.

Cannot recall names or words, mind sluggish (no desire to work)

Cramps in thighs, calves and soles. Heaviness of upper limbs, lower limbs and feet. It is helpful in hip joint disease.

Numbness of the limbs, upper and lower; hands and finger tips, feet and legs is relieved by Kali phos.

Paralytic lameness in back and extremities.

Important indicated symptoms of SBL Kali Phosphorica Biochemic Tablet 6X

Stress that needs a clear mind, such as before an exam or presentation Kali phos gives good results.

Inflammatory skin conditions are well indicated and relieved

Pains felt most when quiet or alone, when not occupied.

Discharges are putrid( smelling bad, offensive, bad), Foul (bad) breath from mouth is recovered well by Kali phos.

Night terrors in children who suffer from enuresis( bed wetting), bleeding from the urethra.

After removal of cancer when in healing process skin is drawn tight over the wound.

In severe skin conditions, helps to recover.

In girls who have late puberty, no menses till the age of 18, helps in starting and increase the blood flow during menses.

Constipation with difficult passage of stools.

Mouth excessively dry, bleeding gums, all gum problems are removed by use Kali Phos.

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