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SBL Kali Muriaticum 12X


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SBL Kali Muriaticum 12X :

It is also known as potassium chloride. It is essential in the production of fibrin in the blood and when there is a shortage of it, a white discharge will be produced. It is found in muscles. Without the right balance of potassium chloride, the clot former/coagulant protein fibrin cannot be made, broken down or kept in proper solution in the body.

Uses of SBL Kali Mur

Complaints associated with white or gray coating of tongue.

Mouthe ulcers with white discharges, chapped lips from cold.

Kali Mur works wonders in Acne, erythema, and eczema, with vesicles containing thick, white contents.

Kali mur helps cleanse colds, coughs and sinuses troubled by white mucus, as well as thrush, pimples, blisters or eruptions with white discharge.

Indigestion due to fatty food, rich food.

Threadworms causing itching at the anus region is relieved with kali mur.

Common symptoms of SBL Kali Mur

It is used for health conditions such as fatigue and exhaustion and glandular conditions.

Nervousness, anxiety and lack of mental clarity, confusion state is helped by Kali Mur.

Symptoms like heartburn, acidity, sour belching, poor appetite and diarrhea.

Hemorrhoids that are bleeding, blood dark, fibrous, clotted is recovered with Kali mur.

Complaints with exudation (oozing of discharges) and swelling around the joints.

Cough affecting the eyes, sensation of eyes protruding out while coughing.

Important indicated symptoms of SBL Kali Mur

Whiteness of all the secretions, discharges, coatings.

Chronic catarrhal condition of middle ear (inflammation of middle ear) Closed Eustachian tubes, Snapping and noises in the ear.

Sinus pain, Earache which occurs due to exposure or atmospheric pressure change, adult travellers ear discomfort.

Tonsils excessively swollen; stringy, tough mucus; swallowing excessively painful.

Tonsillitis when the patient can ONLY SWALLOW by TWISTING his NECK is relieved by Kali mur.

Kali Mur is indicated in Children’s eczema chiefly when it occurs on the face.

Chief remedy in convulsions, especially if occurring with or after suppression of eczema or other eruptions.

Helps to stop bleeding and early healing.

It helps in thinning of blood and easy circualtion of blood.

Kali Mur is used for the second line of attack in any fever and it is most frequently combined with Ferrum phos.

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